"I had lessons from Claire when she lived local to me, best instructor I have ever had, amazing results for both rider and horse, sympathetic, caring and very patient, only one down side, she's not local to me anymore! P.S. Great idea to have a testimonials page - everyone needs to know how fab you are at working with rider to get the best out of their horse." — Kelly Jane Latham Pearmain


"I don't want to go back to the riding school for lessons anymore - your lessons are 10 times better...No, more than that! 100 times better!" — Hayley (aged 12)


"I would totally recommend Claire to anyone looking for riding instruction or learning BHS Horse Owner's Certificates, her lessons are in depth, easy to understand and also entertaining and conducted in a relaxed manner.

I've had Claire as my instructor for eight months now and she's an absolute Godsend. I completed my Horse Owner's Certificate level 1 with her and got 90% score which I was over the moon with. The sessions had a theory part and a practical part where we got to work with her horses and my pony. I would happily do levels 2-4 with Claire as I know my learning would be in the right hands.

As well as studying my HOC with Claire I also have riding lessons twice a week, and I can honestly say without her I would have probably consigned my pony to being a field ornament and would have never ridden again after being so scared after a fall.

Claire has helped turn my pony from just your run of the mill dealer yard pony (I'm his first pet home) to a dressage diva who can now leg yield, turn on the forehand, rein-back and is beginning to learn shoulder-in. He absolutely loves his lessons with Claire and always goes over for a cuddle and complementary polo mint at the end of the session.

I really enjoy my lessons as I don't feel so under pressure like you get with some instructors. There's no shouting, or being told you're silly, there's no rush to do anything and you don't get forced to do things you're scared of, you can learn at your own pace, although you're constantly encouraged just try to take that extra step further.

Everything's explained in pure simple English, and all technical terms are explained. She breaks down each task into simple steps so you know how to perform each movement, and if you do it wrong there's no nasty comments, just a simple "lets try again and maybe this time try and do more of this or less of this".

Claire really knows how to get the best out of the horse or pony, and what they're ready for. She works in a non-violent way, and encourages the horse to fulfil its potential through mutual respect and kindness.

She goes outside of her line of duty to help me when I'm having various issues, such as giving my pony a bad hair-cut, or having trouble worming him, and she's always on hand to answer any questions I have no matter how silly they are and how obvious the answer is.

I cannot recommend Claire enough, she's helped me and Cobby a lot and I wouldn't be riding without her" — Melissa Phillips


A personal recommendation from Caroline Putus:

The First Enjoy Riding Instructor!

"Claire Burrow is the first instructor to have completed the Enjoy Riding instructors' course. Claire has learned very accessible and practical confidence skills to pass on to her nervous clients, as well as communication skills to help her really get her knowledge over in a way that makes perfect sense to you. She is a lovely person and did exceptionally well in her practical session, where she really helped a very nervous rider to start to actually enjoy riding again! Claire can be contacted on 07711 642247." (Posted on the Natural Horse People website, 24/06/07)